Meet The Creators

Photography is an art

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place

Why We Do

A passion to make a positive impact!

What We Do

Capture the moments and people that define our most cherished memories!

Who We Are

Jacob and Samantha Andrews. With a mastery of photography and lighting we deliver un-matched photos for any event!

Our Journey

  • 2010

    A love for the arts

    Art became our passion. The study and acquiring of objects de art . Starting with 18th century American furniture and spreading into all scopes of old master paintings and finally settling on Asian Arts!

  • 2012

    A Dream Was Had

    After spending the last two years around fine art, we knew our destiny lay in contributing to the world in a beautiful and positive way. Photographers, being the old masters of the modern day, the decision was easy and we developed an un-quenchable thirst for all knowledge relating to photography, the art of light!

  • 2013


    After a year of study, we took the plunge and purchased professional photography equipment and began taking pictures and mastering our craft!

  • 2017

    Nuance Photography

    At this point, we had done what we had set out to do! We captured our first wedding! We were proud of our accomplishment, and to get to that point in our photography career! We had so much fun! It has been worth all of the hours learning and preparing. We are currently booking more new clients and enjoying sharing memories with all of them!

Your Photographers

From living in Bradenton Beach to growing up in Tampa Bay, we are familiar with all the hidden gems and best most beautiful locations for wedding photography including Sarasota, Long Boat Key and Anna Maria Island!

Jacob Andrews

Lead Photographer

Jacob Andrews

Samantha Andrews

Lead Lighting and Colorist

Samantha Andrews